Postnatal Care

Postnatal care for mother and baby is an extremely important part of midwifery care. Evidence shows that women who receive postnatal support are less likely to suffer from postnatal depression and are more likely to continue breastfeeding.

Capital Region Midwives (CRM) is pleased to offer extended postnatal care to women in the ACT region. We offer in-home postnatal care by a registered midwives, from discharge from your hospital service, until your baby is six weeks old.

Once postnatal services are negotiated, CRM will make contact with your referring obstetrician or GP and work within the established referral guidelines. Where a woman does not have a treating obstetrician CRM have collaborative arrangements with obstetricians in place. Should a situation arise where a woman or baby care requires referral to a specialist, CRM would refer you to one of these obstetricians, your GP or an appropriate paediatrician.

Postnatal Care Service

Many women contact Capital Region Midwives seeking only our postnatal care service.

Postnatal care is available to all women birthing within the ACT and Queanbeyan area. This package includes:

  • Regular Postnatal home visits, commencing when you are discharged from your hospital service, until your baby is six weeks old. The usual schedule of visits would be one or two in the first week of care, then one visit per week to six weeks.
  • Care includes family postnatal support and education including breastfeeding, baby care and settling.
  • Phone support is available within business hours.
  • Capital Region Midwives currently work with a number of local Obstetricians to offer a Postnatal Care Service for their women. These Obstetricians include:

Dr Ken Tan

Dr Omar Gailani

Dr Toby Angstmann

Dr Sarah Broderick 

 Other Postnatal Care options

For women who live outside our home visiting area, postnatal care can be accessed at our clinic rooms.