motherandchildren_contentRoutine Pregnancy Care

Capital Region Midwives (CRM) are skilled-providers of all your routine pregnancy care needs.

From the start of your pregnancy journey, your CRM midwife can be with you developing a supporting and caring relationship.

CRM midwives can provide comprehensive pregnancy care including the ordering of all routine tests, ultrasounds and all other routine investigations.

You will see the same midwife for your appointments providing all the known benefits of continuity of midwifery care.

We offer routine pregnancy care in locations in both the north and south sides of Canberra. Appointment times are available within business hours, with minimal wait times.

We are also happy to offer shared care arrangements with your GP, private obstetrician or birthing hospital.

CRM also offer a Maternity Care and Birth Planning Meeting.

Each appointment will be for approximately 45 minutes. During this visit we will assess the wellbeing of you and your baby.

A home visiting service is available.

Maternity care planning including labour and birth plan

For all pregnant women over 20 weeks, CRM offer a pregnancy and birth planning meeting.

CRM are highly skilled midwives – with many years of experience across the entire birthing journey.

We are happy to come to you – and in the comfort of your own home discuss your maternity care, your birth plan and explore your labour and birth options.

This meeting will involve discussion regarding your current and previous pregnancy and health history, and also your wishes and hopes for your labour and birth.

CRM will discuss with you your birth options and wishes. Together we can write a clear personalised birth plan.

We will send you a clearly documented copy of your plan which you can share and discuss with your obstetrician or with your birth hospital team.

All of the information we discuss with you will be based on the most recent evidence available – which we can also provide.

This appointment will be approximately 90 minutes and attracts a Medicare rebate.

Childbirth Education

CRM are skilled childbirth education facilitators, experienced in providing a variety of sessions to meet the needs of pregnant women and their families.

CRM offer individual personalised sessions to meet the needs of our families:

  • Focus on normal birth. Workshop focussed on the current evidence to assist you in achieving your goal of a normal vaginal birth.
  • Planning you Next Birth After Caesarian (NBAC). A workshop to assist you in planning for your upcoming birth if you had a caesarean last birth.
  • Planning for next baby. A workshop to assist you in planning for the new addition to your family.
  • Preparing the parents (grandparent to be).
  • Preparing the children (brothers and sisters to be).
  • Other education to meet your individual needs can be developed in discussion with the CRM team.